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Potomac Instream Flow Methods Workshop

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The Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin ( ICPRB) and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources coordinated and convened a workshop to bring together an expert panel and concerned stakeholders to establish a method for determining the minimum flow-by requirements. Two important guidance statements were developed to frame the overall flow-by study and workshop. These are:

    1. The Management Objectives of a new flow-by study:
    • Estimate the amount and quality of biotic habitat available at different flow levels, particularly as it relates to the current minimum flow-by requirement; and
    • Determine what instream flows are required to provide adequate aquatic habitat and to prevent reduction of any representative important species beyond levels from which it cannot recover and re-colonize the area following a drought event.

    2. The Workshop Purpose:
    Investigate and develop a method to evaluate the environmental flow-by requirements of the mainstream Potomac River between Seneca Pool and Chain Bridge, with the aim of providing the following recommendations:
    • The most favorable method, given current financial resource limitations, to address the Potomac River Flow-By Study objectives; and
    • An alternative long-term method that could better accomplish those objectives, yet might exceed current resources or available data, and recommended guidelines for achieving the objectives in a longer time-frame.

Efforts planned subsequent to the Workshop are:

  • This Workshop Summary Report, including panel recommendations is created and posted on the Internet for comment by participants
  • After receiving comments, the final report will be submitted to the Habitat Assessment Subcommittee (HAS)
  • The HAS will recommend further actions to the Potomac Flow-By Committee.

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