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Potomac Instream Flow Methods Workshop

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Panel Recommendations

Following the presentations and discussions with the audience and breakout groups, the panelists and the workshop committee worked through a brainstorming session to develop their recommendations and discuss such related topics as attributes of flow dynamics, empirical analysis vs. process modeling, non-linearity of biological responses to habitat size, and origin of and current scenarios involving Adaptive Environmental Management.

The panelís specific recommendations are as follows:

    1. The Potomac River ecosystem is an outstanding example of a river ecosystem retaining many of its natural functions. It is, indeed, deserving of a proactive strategy to ensure the continued health of the river ecosystem.
    2. The river system is unique in that it is unregulated and is a bedrock-controlled system. The nature of the low flow challenge precludes the use of standard hydraulic and biological modeling approaches.
    3. Existing biological data and understanding are inadequate to support a specific, quantitative environmental flow-by.
    4. Based on the three preceding observations, the approach recommended is an adaptive strategy with the following elements: 5. Institutionalize an adaptive strategy for implementing management targets.


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