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Public Service Commission Laws related to
the construction or modification of power plants
and transmission lines

Section Description
7-101 Scope
7-102 Gas companies -- Powers
7-103 Electric Companies -- Powers
7-104 Electric Cooperatives
7-105 Water Companies -- Powers
7-106 Sale of electric plant or gas plant
7-201 Electric companies -- Long-range plans
7-202 Electric companies -- Power plant sites
7-203 Electric companies -- Environmental surcharge
7-204 Electric companies -- Lines and transmission devices
7-205 Electric companies -- Modification of power plant
7-206 Electric companies -- Clean Air Act modifications
7-207 Generating station or transmission lines -- General certification procedure
7-207.1 Generating station or transmission lines -- On-site generated electricity; approval process
7-207.2 Solar voltaic systems
7-208 Generating station or transmission lines -- Joint construction of station and associated lines
7-209 Alternatives to construction of transmission lines
7-210 Municipal electric plants
7-211 Energy efficiency programs
7-212 Regulations governing purchase of liquid-immersed distribution transformers; life-cycle cost methodology ...
7-213 Service quality and reliability
7-213.1 Service restoration -- Special medical needs facilities
7-214 Contact voltage risk zones -- Surveys and mitigation
7-301 Meters -- Authorization by Commission

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