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An Assessment of the Transmission Grid of Maryland Utilities and Some Potential Consequences of Retail Competition


This report presents an evaluation of the transmission systems used by the four major Maryland utilities — Allegheny Power, Baltimore Gas and Electric Company, Conectiv (formerly - Delmarva Power & Light Company), and Potomac Electric Power Company — to provide a cost effective, reliable source of power to consumers in the State. Maryland utilities use the high voltage transmission systems in their own service territories and in utility systems in neighboring states to integrate their sources of supply to meet the demands of their customers. Transmission facilities make this possible by allowing Maryland utilities to import their share of remote generation in other states, to gain access to energy markets that reduce day-to-day generating costs, and to reduce the amount of capacity they must hold in reserve. The high voltage system also permits Maryland utilities to purchase cost-effective energy that may be available in other nearby regions.

The report is presented here in Adobe Acrobat format (you'll need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files; for a free download, click here).  Follow the links below to either view the entire document, or to proceed to the table of contents to view individual sections of the document.

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