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Mercury in Maryland: Past, Current and Future Plans

April 2006

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Major Findings:



  Workshop Overview

Organized by Dr. Mark S. Castro, University of Maryland, Appalachian Laboratory and Dr. John Sherwell, Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Power Plant Research Program to facilitate discussion among mercury researchers active in the State of Maryland.

Location: Appalachian Laboratory, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, 301 Braddock Road, Frostburg, MD 21532

Date: November 2 and 3, 2005

Purpose: To bring together a diverse group with interests in many aspects of mercury dynamics to develop a long-term (20 to 25 years) research agenda for the state of Maryland. Participants were interested in source characteristics, atmospheric modeling, atmospheric deposition, ambient air measurements, TMDLs, policy issues and natural resource management. The primary goal of the workshop was to develop a plan to satisfy current and future mercury assessment needs of each group and to develop a collaborative network of mercury groups within Maryland.

Format: Invited speakers (see attached Agenda ) gave short presentations describing their ongoing mercury programs, highlighting their current and future needs. There was extensive discuss on each topic.

Products: This website includes the workshop report and all presentations.

Action Items:

Workshop participants: Mark Castro (UMD-AL), John Sherwell (MDNR), Chris Moore (UVA), Eric Prestbo (Frontier Geosciences), Mark Cohen (NOAA), Winston Luke (NOAA), Steve Brooks (NOAA), George Constantz (CVI), Ray Morgan (UMD-AL), Walter Zachritz (NPS), Keith Felts (MDE), Chris Smith (MDE), Brian Hug (MDE), Ann Baines (ERM), Julie Ross (ERM), Mark Garrison (ERM), Joseph Beaman (MDE), Ann Soehl (MDE), Joe Thompson (UMD-AL), Tim Rule (MDE), Ray Downs (UMD-AL), Andrew Heyes (UMD-CBL), Andrew Heltibridle (MDE), Donald Poteat (MDE), Eva Naylor (MDE) and Abel Folarin (MDE)



  Workshop Agenda

Mercury in Maryland Meeting: Agenda on Nov 2-3, 2005

Day 1: Atmospheric Inputs

Day 2: Measurements/Modeling/Effects

    8:30 am: Air Measurements: Data Management, Access and Policies (John Sherwell and Mark Castro)
    9:30 am: Modeling Atmospheric Mercury Dynamics (Mark Cohen and Mark Garrison)
    • Discussion : What air measurements are needed by the modeling community?
    10:30 am: Coffee Break
    11:00 am: Biological and Ecological Effects
      Mercury in Maryland: Lakes, Streams and Biotic Communities
      • Mercury TMDLs (Tim Rule)
      • SERC (Andrew Heyes)
      • State Wide Toxicology (Joe Beaman)
      Discussion: What does this group need from the measurement and modeling communities?
    12:00 pm: Lunch at AL
    1:00 pm: Biological and Ecological Effects Continued
      • Western Maryland (Mark Castro)
      • CVI-Mercury Research (George Constantz)
    1:45 pm: Summary and Wrap-Up (Mark Castro and John Sherwell)
    • Research Strategy for Maryland
    • Continuation of Collaborative Working Group
    • Dry Deposition Measurement from Synthetic Media papers
    • Funding opportunities
    • Data access
    • Strategies to make this happen
    3:00 pm: Adjourn w/Coffee



  Summary of Presentation Topics and Major Findings

Links to workshop presentations have been provided. Please click on the author's name to view a presentation.

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