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The CORMIX validation study 'Validation of the CORMIX Model Using Thermal Data from Four Maryland Power Plants' was authored by:

Stephen P. Schreiner, Theresa A. Krebs, Donald E. Strebel,
Allison Brindley and Cyrus McCall

Versar, Inc. 9200 Rumsey Rd.
Columbia, MD 21045
April 1999

Note you will need the Adobe Acrobat reader to view these files. 

This report was prepared by Versar, Inc. in April of 1999 for the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Power Plant Research Program (PPRP). A modified version of this report was published as the following article: Schreiner, S.P., T.A. Krebs, D.E. Strebel, and A. Brindley. 2002. Testing the CORMIX model using thermal plume data from four Maryland power plants. Environmental Modelling and Software 17: 321-331. Reprints of this report are available upon request from the first author at sschreiner@nospamversar.com (take out 'nospam' from the email address before using it).


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