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Impacts of Power Generation and Transmission

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Maryland Power Plants and the Environment (CEIR-18)

Chapter 4 Impacts of Power Generation and Transmission

Abundant and reliable electricity has facilitated tremendous improvements in human health and safety as well as economic development.  However, the benefits of electric power generation and transmission are accompanied by a variety of environmental and socio-economic impacts associated with the construction, operation and maintenance of these facilities.

This chapter describes each of these impact areas in some detail, and discusses PPRP’s efforts to better understand the magnitude of these impacts in Maryland and how they can be managed, minimized, or mitigated.  Also critical to reducing environmental impacts is controlling the amount of electrical energy we use, and the amount of fossil fuel consumed to generate that electricity. Other chapters of this report provide more information on how Maryland is promoting energy efficiency and the development of more sustainable energy sources.

Impacts Diagram

Note: This figure illustrates some of the primary environmental impacts associated with electricity generation and transmission in Maryland.