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Maryland Power Plants and the Environment (CEIR-18)

4.5.4 Emergency Response

The State of Maryland, the NRC, and Exelon conduct emergency response exercises annually, and an in-depth, federally evaluated, ingestion pathway emergency response exercise every six years. The multi-agency exercises demonstrate and provide practice for Maryland’s response measures using a simulated accident at Calvert Cliffs. The exercises encompass the implementation of protective actions for all phases (e.g., plume, ingestion pathway, recovery) of the simulated accident, depending on simulated conditions at Calvert Cliffs and simulated impacts to the surrounding environment. The protective actions affect farm operations, drinking water supplies, and human impacts. The exercises include taking simulated environmental samples in the area surrounding Calvert Cliffs and delivering them to the PPRP Radioecology Laboratory and the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Radiation Chemistry Laboratory in Baltimore. The entire exercise is evaluated by representatives from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.