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Maryland Power Plants and the Environment (CEIR-18)

2.5 Maryland Electricity Consumption

Maryland end-use customers consumed about 62 million MWh of electricity during 2015. Between 2006 and 2015, the annual average growth rate in electricity consumption in Maryland was lower than in the U.S. as a whole—negative 0.97 percent in Maryland versus 0.23 percent in the U.S. Figure 2-17 compares some of the key factors contributing to growth in electricity demand in Maryland and the U.S. from 2006 through 2015. Maryland’s population growth accelerated between 2007 and 2010, but slowed significantly between 2010 and 2015, as depicted in Figure 2-18. The decline in electricity consumption is also affected by the slower growth in per capita income despite increased growth in non-farm employment during the same time period. In general, slower population and per capita income growth will negatively affect electricity use, other factors held constant.

The shares of electricity consumption in Maryland used by residential and commercial sectors exceeded the consumption levels of the United States as a whole (see Figure 2-19). Conversely, the industrial sector’s electricity use in Maryland is significantly lower than the rest of the country—26 percent for the nation as a whole (958 million MWh). In 2006, the industrial sector accounted for 10 percent, or 6 million MWh, of Maryland’s energy consumption; comparatively, in 2015, the industrial sector consumed approximately 3.8 million MWh, or 36 percent less electricity than in 2006.

Figure 2-17Comparison of U.S. and Maryland Growth Factors Affecting Electricity Consumption (2006-2015)

Figure 2-18

Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis Regional Data; Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Figure 2-18 Population Growth Trends in Maryland and the U.S. (2006 – 2015)

Figure 2-18

Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis Regional Data, SA1 Population.

Figure 2-19 Electricity Consumption by Customer Class for 2015

Figure 2-19

Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration, “Retail Sales of Electricity, Annually.”

U.S. Energy Information Administration, “Retail Sales of Electricity,” Maryland, Electricity Data Browser.