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2.4 Electricity Distribution

There are 13 utilities distributing electricity to customers in Maryland (see Table 2-8). Four of these are large, investor-owned electric companies organized as for-profit, tax-paying businesses:  Potomac Edison (formerly Allegheny Power); Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE); Delmarva Power and Light Company (DPL); and Potomac Electric Power Company (Pepco). Until recently, they were owned by three holding companies—FirstEnergy (which owns Potomac Edison); Exelon (which owns BGE); and Pepco Holdings (which owns both DPL and Pepco). In 2015, Exelon sought approval from the public service commissions in Maryland, the District of Columbia, Delaware, and New Jersey to merge with Pepco Holdings, and as of March 2016, all approvals had been granted. Maryland’s investor-owned utilities serve approximately 90 percent of the customers in the state.

Five utilities are owned and operated by municipalities providing local electric distribution to a specific area. Four utilities are electric cooperatives, serving generally less populated rural areas. The service territories for the State’s distribution companies are illustrated in Figure 2-16.

Table 2-8 Maryland Electric Distribution Companies, 2014

Company Approximate Number of Maryland Consumers
Potomac Edison (owned by FirstEnergy) 257,198
Baltimore Gas & Electric (owned by Exelon) 1,248,746
Delmarva Power & Light (owned by Pepco Holdings)* 201,949
Potomac Electric Power Company (owned by Pepco Holdings)* 539,072
Subtotal 2,246,965
Berlin Municipal Electric Plant 2,459
Easton Utilities Commission 10,541
City of Hagerstown, Light Department 17,207
Thurmont Municipal Light Company 2,837
Williamsport Municipal Electric Light System 991
Subtotal 34,035
A&N Electric Cooperative 313
Choptank Electric Cooperative, Inc. 52,647
Somerset Rural Electric Cooperative** 793
Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative, Inc. 158,141
Subtotal 211,894
Total Customers 2,492,894

Source (except where noted): U.S. Energy Information Association. Accessed January 16, 2016. Number of customers in 2014 is the most recent data available.

* Subsidiary of Exelon as of March 2016

** Source: Pennsylvania Rural Electric Association.

Figure 2-16 Electricity Distribution Service Areas

Figure 2-16