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Maryland Power Plants and the Environment (CEIR-18)

2.3.1 New and Proposed Transmission Projects

Click to OpenArtificial Island Project on Delmarva PeninsulaThe PSC has received two CPCN applications for new and modified transmission line projects, both from Delmarva Power since early 2014.

Transmission planning and regulatory drivers, as well as oversight, are described in Section 3.3.

Artificial Island Project on Delmarva Peninsula

The Delmarva Peninsula, consisting of Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Delaware, and a portion of Virginia, experiences high congestion costs due to the isolation of the transmission system. As noted in the figure below, the entire Delmarva Peninsula relies upon a transmission interconnection at the northern part of the Peninsula in Delaware. The lack of transmission interconnection points elsewhere on the Peninsula causes increased transmission congestion. While projects, such as the Mid-Atlantic Power Pathway (MAPP), have been proposed in the past, none have come to fruition.

Maryland Transmission Lines

Map of

Instead, reliability improvements in surrounding areas, such as Central Maryland, serve to strengthen reliability on the Peninsula and reduce outage risk until the need for another transmission interconnection point to allow additional imported power onto the Peninsula is identified. One project, the Artificial Island project, proposes the construction of a new underwater 230 kV transmission tie from the Salem and Hope Creek nuclear power plants in New Jersey to the western side of the Delaware Bay. This project, if it proceeds, is expected to address stability issues at the plants while increasing their generation output; however, PJM recently put the project on hold to allow further evaluation.The second proposed project is the construction of a pair of 230 kV transmission lines, one from Pennsylvania to a BGE-owned substation in Central Maryland and the second from Pennsylvania to a PE-owned substation north of Hagerstown. Although neither of these projects are located within Maryland’s Eastern Shore, each would provide stability to the transmission system that supports the Delmarva Peninsula’s transmission lines and would assist in mitigating power outages.

Proposed Artificial Island Transmission Project

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