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Maryland Power Plants and the Environment: A review of the impacts of power plants and transmission lines on Maryland's natural resources (CEIR-13)


Cover and Table of Contents (73 KB)

    Chapter 1 (871 KB) - Introduction (Pg 1-1)

      Legislative Mandate (Pg 1-1)
      Power Plant Licensing (Pg 1-2)
      CEIR-13 Report Highlights (Pg 1-4)

    Chapter 2 (1.8 MB) - Power Generation, Transmission and Usage in Maryland (Pg 2-1)
      Consumption and Generation (Pg 2-1)
        Consumption (Pg 2-1)
        Generation: Comparison With Consumption and Future Outlook (Pg 2-4)
      Restructuring and Competition (Pg 2-5)
        The Restructured Market (Pg 2-6)
        Standard Offer Service (Pg 2-8)
      Composition of Electric Industry (Pg 2-9)
        Marylandís Electricity Generating Resources (Pg 2-9)
        Marylandís Electric Distribution Companies (Pg 2-10)
      Electricity Reliability in Maryland (Pg 2-14)
        Transmission (Pg 2-14)
        Reliability Issues (Pg 2-14)
        Distributed Generation (Pg 2-20)

    Chapter 3 (7.1 MB) - Impacts (Pg 3-1)
      Power Plants and Air Quality (Pg 3-1)
        Power Plant Air Emissions (Pg 3-1)
        Impacts of Air Emissions from Power Plants (Pg 3-9)
        Control of Power Plant Emissions (Pg 3-16)
      Water Impacts (Pg 3-28)
        Cooling Water Withdrawal and Consumption (Pg 3-28)
        Ground Water Withdrawals (Pg 3-33)
        Impacts to Water Quality and Aquatic Biota (Pg 3-36)
      Terrestrial Impacts (Pg 3-50)
        Wind Power Terrestrial Issues (Pg 3-53)
        Transmission Line and Pipeline Rights of Way (Pg 3-55)
      Sociological and Land Use Issues (Pg 3-59)
        Cultural and Archaeological Resources (Pg 3-59)
        Nuisance Items (Pg 3-60)
        Economic Development (Pg 3-67)
      Radiological Issues (Pg 3-71)
        Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant (Pg 3-72)
        Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station (Pg 3-74)
        Radioactive Waste (Pg 3-76)
      Power Plant Combustion Products (Pg 3-77)
        Generation and Current Disposition (Pg 3-77)
        Beneficial Use Demonstration Projects (Pg 3-79)

    Chapter 4 (829 KB) - Energy Issues
    (Pg 4-1)
      Fossil Fuel Types and Availability in Maryland (Pg 4-1)
        Coal (Pg 4-1)
        Petroleum (Pg 4-2)
        Natural Gas (Pg 4-2)
        Synthetic Fuel (Pg 4-4)
      Nuclear Power (Pg 4-6)
        Uranium (Pg 4-6)
        Nuclear Energy Generation (Pg 4-7)
      Renewable Energy (Pg 4-8)
        Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (Pg 4-8)
        Renewable Resources in Maryland (Pg 4-10)
        Production Tax Credit (Pg 4-16)
        Green Power Purchases (Pg 4-17)
        Net Metering (Pg 4-18)
      Infrastructure Security (Pg 4-19)

    Appendices (862 KB)
    Appendix A - Permits and Approvals that May Be Required for a Power Plant in Maryland
    Appendix B - Determinants of Electricity Demand Growth in Maryland
    Appendix C - Statewide Forecast of Energy Consumption and Peak Demand in Maryland
    Appendix D - Internet Resources

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