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Maryland Power Plants and the Environment: A review of the impacts of power plants and transmission lines on Maryland's natural resources (CEIR-12)


Cover and Table of Contents (56 KB)

    Inside Cover (334 KB)

    Chapter 1 (425 KB) - Introduction (Pg 1)

      Legislative Mandate (Pg 1)
      Power Plant Licensing (Pg 3)

    Chapter 2 (351 KB) - Power Generation, Transmission and Usage in Maryland (Pg 5)
      Consumption and Generation (Pg 5)
        Consumption (Pg 5)
        Generation: Comparison With Consumption and Future Outlook (Pg 9)
      Restructuring and Competition (Pg 10)
        The Restructured Market Ė Extending the Transition (Pg 12)
      Composition of Electric Industry (Pg 14)
        Marylandís Electricity Generating Resources (Pg 14)
        Electricity Transmission In Maryland (Pg 16)
        Marylandís Electric Distribution Companies (Pg 19)

    Chapter 3 (1.7 MB) - Impacts (Pg 21)
      Power Plants and Air Quality (Pg 21)
        Emissions from Power Plants (Pg 21)
        Impacts from Power Plant Emissions (Pg 29)
        Control of Power Plant Emissions (Pg 39)
      Water Impacts (Pg 45)
        Cooling Water Withdrawal and Consumption (Pg 45)
        Ground Water Withdrawals (Pg 49)
        Impacts to Water Quality and Aquatic Biota (Pg 52)
      Terrestrial Impacts (Pg 62)
        Facility Construction and Operation (Pg 65)
        Transmission Line and Pipeline Rights of Way (Pg 66)
      Sociological and Land Use Issues (Pg 69)
        Cultural and Archaeological Resources (Pg 69)
        Nuisance Items (Pg 70)
        Economic Development (Pg 75)
      Radiological Issues (Pg 77)
        Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant (Pg 78)
        Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station (Pg 80)
        Radioactive Waste (Pg 81)
      Coal Combustion By-Products (Pg 82)
        Generation/Disposal (Pg 82)
        Benficial Use (Pg 83)

    Chapter 4 (1.2 MB) - Fuel Supply Issues
    (Pg 89)
      Common Fuel Types and Their Availability in Maryland (Pg 89)
        Coal (Pg 89)
        Natural Gas (Pg 89)
        Petroleum (Pg 91)
      Alternative Energy Sources (Pg 92)
        Wind Energy (Pg 93)
        Offshore Wind Energy (Pg 95)
        Solar Energy (Pg 96)
        Biogas (Pg 96)
        Landfill Methane (Pg 97)
        Waste-to-Energy (Pg 98)
        Wood Residues (Pg 98)
      Green Power Initiatives in Maryland (Pg 99)
        State Procurement (Pg 99)
        Renewables Portfolio Standards (Pg 99)
      Nuclear Power (Pg 101)
      Security Issues (Pg 102)

    Appendices (1.3 MB)
    State Agency Guidelines for Evaluating Multiple Power Plants
    Determinants of Electricity Demand Growth in Maryland
    Statewide Forecast of Electricity Consumption and Peak Demands in Maryland
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